Pen to Power: Equity through Black, Female Narratives

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A Playwriting Fellowship

A yearlong playwriting fellowship for Black, female, early career playwrights. Working with a mid-career or highly established playwright, artists will focus on practical and artistic aspects of writing which include: 


  • Structure

  • Cultivation of the writer’s voice 

  • Developing skills in visual storytelling

  • Exploring free expression 

  • Pitching and submitting scripts

  • And more!


A Indie Film

Trapped in their childhood home, hours after burying their mother, three sisters must decide how to move forward. With major discord from years of unresolved tension no one is there to make them play nice.

In one night the lives of Cassandra (the eldest), Andrea (the middle child) and Shawna (the baby) change forever. Will this trio work through their issues or has the tie that bonds been lost forever?

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Her Choice

A Short Film

Everyone's on board with a woman's right to decided what's best for her body and her life until the matter hits close to home. Mia and Kendrick are in a rock and hard place when their fairytale romance isn't the fairytale they once thought it was. Can two people who love each other move forward after their lives are turned upside down? 

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