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Kapital K Productions.

Amplifying Black, Female Voices

Fearless, Fierce Women
Whose Voices Deserve to Be Heard

Kapital K Productions was founded to open doors for Black women in the arts industry who are marginalized and left without say in their own narratives. Our mission is to amplify the voices of Black, female artists through the development and creation of work that centers the Black, female experience. We bring about equity in the theatrical, film and digital industries, by giving Black women professional opportunities most often awarded to their white, male counterparts. Kapital K Productions aims to diversify the artistic community in various mediums and at each level. 

Kapital K Productions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.


The most recent Visibility Report released by The Asian American Performers Action Coalition revealed that 93.6% of Broadway producers are white, with only 2.6 identifying as Black. Moreover, 100% of General Managers are white, completely excluding all members of the BIPOC community. The report also shows that Black people make up a significancy low number of roles within the theater community: 

Black Directors - 6.3%

Black Designers - 4.7%

Black Leadership - 2.4%

What We Do


In 2021, a McKinsey article revealed "that less than 6% of the writers, directors, and producers of US-produced films are Black." Black women in particular, often find themselves isolated in these settings as they are the "only". According the same article, Black women in the film and TV industry report working harder than white men for less recognition.  Additionally, 92% of film directors are white and roughly 90% of agents and executive staff at talent agencies are also white. 


2 out of 3 Black viewers are more likely to watch representative content, according to a 2021 Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series report. However, 58% of Black audiences say there's still not enough representation on screen. Black listeners stream audio, such as podcasts, more than any other demographic while 92% of the US Black population listen to the radio weekly

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Managing Director
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Meet the Team

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Kristin Fulton
Artistic Director
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Marketing Manager
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