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Kapital K Founder & CEO Kristin Fulton has always known just how incredible Black women truly are. In 2018, tired of waiting for everyone else to catch up, Kristin launched Kapital K Productions. Initially, the company's mission was to place women of color at the center of

storytelling. Kapital K produced its first play reading series, Leaving the Margins, which featured stories about and for women of color. The series was a success and it was clear that Kapital K was much needed in the artistic community.

2018 Launch

Soon after, to deepen impact, Kapital K underwent a strategic planning year. Research and conversations with the community revealed the need for Kapital K to become more targeted and more niche. During this time, the organization restructured and in 2020 relaunched.

Today, Kapital K Productions amplifies the voices of Black, female artists through the development and creation of art that centers the Black, female experience. On stage, on camera or behind the scenes, Kapital K gives Black women the opportunity to own their narratives from beginning to end.

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