Essential. Human. Being. 


March 13, 2020 changed the lives of Black women across the United States. Black women have always known that we have had to fight for just the bare minimum.
We should not know the name Breonna Taylor. She wasn't famous, she wasn't a 
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Family of Breonna Taylor, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The injustices Black women face each day are far too great to list here. However, the injustices are not the real problem. The real problem are the systems in place which are designed to harm Black women. "Protect Black Women" and "Believe Black Women" are more than sometimes trending hashtags. They are plea to see and treat Black women as human beings deserving of even the most basic of civil rights and liberties. 
Breonna Taylor's murder is proof enough that Black women deserve better. Breonna deserves better. Breonna deserves for those who took her life to be held accountable, no matter what their profession. Breonna deserves for all living persons to say her name until the policemen who took her life are charged, arrested and sentenced. Breonna Taylor deserves to be valued as an  essential, human being, because she was just that - a human being.